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Work is Sacred

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

We believe that work is sacred. It's beyond working to make a living. Life is a balanced-rhythm of work and rest. We use our skills in our work, and the quality of the work done is an expression of our character.

Everyone should be engaged in work; whether it's full-time employment, contract work, startups, social, homemaker, etc.

We are facing two primary workforce challenges currently.

1) The GEN Xers who are either struggling to remain gainfully employed or who are laid off and are having a problem to regain full-time employment.

2) The Millennials who have a very different attitude towards work.

The increasing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) business environment makes employment even more grave.

"Department of Startup: What Every Fortune 500 Should Have One" (DOS), is written at this juncture of time. DOS addressed the workforce in categories of the leaders, the followers, and working together in a company; bringing back to the point where we believe that work is sacred.

Over the next ten weeks, we will address the critical issues identified in DOS, as we explore deeper into the two primary challenges listed above. And connecting the dots on what's unique about Startup, what's confronting Fortune 500, Belief System, being a Leader, being a Follower, and Company Culture.

"Work without love is slavery."

- Mother Teresa


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