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Startup: The People or The Idea

Come join me as we explore the topic together with the Division of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a division of the Hong Kong Psychological Society. I look forward to share ideas from our book with the professionals in the industry.

The Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (DIOP) was established in May 2000 under the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). DIOP is a professional association that promotes the identity, professional status and recognition of industrial-organizational psychologists in Hong Kong. 

Gist of our discussion this coming 25th July 2019, 7 PM

As startups such as UBER, AirBnB, and our locally born, GoGoVan achieve unicorn status, with valuation reaching US$ 1 billion, what are some of the traits that make them successful? Is the idea the key to success or the people behind the idea? Or being the first mover, inventing a new product in a new niche market more critical than a founder with a common idea? Our latest speaker, Ivan Yong, will explore these questions from a lens of an angel investor at pre-revenue, high-risk stage, and examine with the technical eye as an engineer and organizational psychologist. He will share some experiences from his numerous encounters with startup founders whom he had had the pleasure to meet and work with together. If you are looking to kick start a startup and to pitch for investments, this event may offer you some pointers into that space. Also with the rise of gig economy,come to have a glimpse into the startup culture where unicorns come from.

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