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Leadership & Strategic Disruption in Higher Education

In our next 1 Day Forum, Corporate Disruptors Forum will look into the disruption that is ongoing in the higher education institution and the strategic foresight to forge ahead from 3 very different perspectives.

In our first panel, we will be talking to two senior leaders of young universities in Asia; Prof. Anthony Teo who was instrumental in laying the foundation for Nanyang Technological University to reach its current stature and Prof. Yang WANG of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the birthplace of DJI, the company that owns 70% of consumer drone technology. (no other drone companies own more than 5%)

In our second panel, we are privileged to have Dr. Maria L Gallo, EdD, the author of "The Alumni Way" and a Linkedin influencer on alumni matters to host a deep dive into how alumni capital could be the key differentiator to universities moving forward.

And in our third panel, we will have Dr. Christian Friedl, who straddles the universities and corporates world to host a panel on how industry collaboration could be in the next normal especially in the face of the growing corporate innovation in collaboration with startups.

Join us for another edition of delegate-centric forum, where executives and leaders learn best from conversation.

Ivan Yong

Corporate Disruptors Forum

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