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Collaboration Opportunity For Digital Marketeers with Published Authors

Our Purpose

We understand the graduating class of 2020, will have difficulties in landing jobs upon graduation as businesses are profoundly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and shutdowns.

Thus, as part of our effort to support the graduating class of 2020, we would like to offer any marketing, business, or any graduating students who have passionate about digital marketing to collaborate with us. The benefits will be to gain some actual industry experience to add to their resume or C.V.

Who We Are

Nanyang Angelz is the thought leader in startup culture and disruptive innovation for the corporate organization through our expertise in the investment & mentoring of startups. We empower the corporate culture change through: ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Flagship Event: Corporate Disruptor Forum Keynote Address Department of Startup Methodology

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The Opportunity

We published the book, “ Department of Startup : Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One,” mid of 2019 with Business Expert Press, (BEP), New York with the intention of reaching out to CEOs, CXOs and HR professionals on the need for large corporate to adopt startup culture to boost corporate innovation.

BEP sells mainly to educational institution whilst we would like to bring the book out to the corporates through a digital marketing strategy.

Thus, you will be working with a published book by a respectable business publisher whereby Harvard Business Publishing buys titles from to pair with their case study.

Project timeline is 3 months.

The Outcome

The outcome we are looking for could be any of these;

(i) Social Media presence, which could reach at least 5,000 CxOs or HRs

(ii) Selling 500 books in 3 months.

(iii) Ten (10) , multinationals contacting us for a Keynote address or CEO briefing about the concept from the book.


Whilst this is not an internship, we would be offering a cash reward of US$300.

Also, we would be more than happy to vouch for your work and to be your reference moving forward.

Thirdly, as we invest in startups and are constantly looking for the right digital marketing partner, there is opportunity to work with us on the long term.

Next Step

If you are interested, please send a proposal in a deck of no more than 5 powerpoint slides in PDF, to

Thank you and we look forward to hear from you.

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