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Who we are


Ivan and Sam are NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Alumni, and first met in in Hong Kong in 2012.  Their common interest in entrepreneurship and human capital soon got them started Nanyang Angelz - a boutique firm focusing on impact investment for startups.  Soon after, they venture into the next collaboration in Social Enterprise and A Gift of GENUS (GENUS in short) was founded in 2016.  GENUS provides opportunities for the underprivileged children to learn.  


Why we do this


Back in 2016, Ivan already had the thought of writing a book, drawing from his experiences in the startup arena, his earlier days working as a professional in Multi-national Companies (MNCs) and an organizational psychologist for talent management.   Two years later, in 2018.  It took a divine meet up with Ms. Belinda Wong, entrepreneur and author, that realized his dream.   It was over a Thank-you coffee/meal for Belinda, who has been, and still is, for supporting our social enterprise GENUS.  When Ivan casually mentioned his dream, she looked into his eyes and said, "You should write a book!"   


And that was the inception for Department of Startup: Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One.


What we can do for you


1)  Keynote Speech / Speaking Engagement

2)  Workshop  / Training Intervention

3) Coaching / Mentoring





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